WWNA 2022 (Why the World Needs Anthropologists) is coming to Berlin this September 23 – 25. For those not familiar with WWNA, it is a symposium that explores the different applications of anthropology beyond traditional academia.

The 2022 Theme – Re/Generation

Looking back on the vicissitude of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed our institutions, communities, markets, health and social networks, and governments brought to their knees by either depletion of workforces or having their in-built corruptions highlighted and rallied against. In response, we will create a space of open conversation about the very nature of decay, recovery and regeneration.

We want to evaluate the planet’s ongoing recovery and its attempt to bring itself back from the brink and highlight how movements in this time of great strife enabled people to assert themselves, however successfully, against the structures and systems it took this adversity to reveal. We want to inspire action towards the social and environmental pitfalls of the cyclical economy: how it has engendered cultures of proliferation, overuse, and unfettered disposal. We want to invite discourse around the very nature of regrowth. There is a crucial need for anthropological thinking around the ever-present issue of how different generations co-exist: what assumptions are made on the basis of age that hinder us from unlocking progress towards a more just planet?

The goal is to center our discipline in the seismic decisions that are being made about our social, ecological and economical future within the domains of: automation, environmental decay, social and financial recovery, and temporalities. The goal is to give something back – our expertise and energy, to learn from each other and embark on new collaborative projects.

Re-Generation welcomes people from different backgrounds to share their stories, ideas and experiences.