Why the World Needs Anthropologists Designing the Future is the sixth annual event of the EASA Applied Anthropology Network. It will be held October 27 and 27 in Lisbon Portugal. According to the website, it is a symposium that explores the different applications of anthropology beyond traditional academia.

This year the event focuses on “design anthropology its methods, practical applications, and its potential for framing the future of humanity around the world.”

What is Why The World Needs Anthropologists?

Why The World Needs Anthropologists positions itself at the intersection of a cutting-edge academic conference and a rocking innovation event.

You will enjoy an immersive experience with our plenary session, meet amazing people in the Design Hotspot area, improve your skills at thematic workshops and have an opportunity to share your ideas & work with the audience at the Perspectives: Powered by PechaKucha. In addition to that, the late-night socializing might change your life forever.

Whether you are interested in user experience, industrial design, applied arts, business, organizational or applied anthropology in a broader way, Why the World needs anthropologists: Designing the Future is a perfect event for you.

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Why the World Needs Anthropologists Designing the Future Annual event

Why the World Needs Anthropologists Designing the Future examines human-centred design and design thinking with emphasis on the value of ethnography in these type of processes and techniques, while acknowledging the opportunities arising from a collaborative approach between anthropology and design. The event will bring together researchers, designers, and developers from various domains to ensure an enriched discussion, facilitate collaborations, create innovation momentum, and provide a networking platform for new job opportunities.”

Check out the Why the World Needs Anthropologists Designing the Future annual event website

Top Speakers Include

  • Dan Podjed, Zrc Sazu / EASA Applied Anthropology Network
  • Rosa Maria, Perez Professor Of Anthropology At ISCTE-University Institute Of Lisbon
  • Miguel Vale De Almeida, Professor Of Anthropology At ISCTE-University Institute Of Lisbon
  • José Manuel Dos Santos, Head Of Design & User Experience | Americas At Philips Lighting
  • Sarah Pink, Distinguished Professor At RMIT University
  • Jamer Hunt, Vice Provost For Transdisciplinary Initiatives At The New School
  • Anna Kirah, Managing Director At Design Without Borders
  • Alisse Waterston, Presidential Scholar At CUNY

About EASA Applied Anthropology Network

The network of European Association of Social Anthropologists provides the main European platform for sharing information and experiences regarding the applications of anthropology. It focuses on a circular transfer of anthropological knowledge to private and public sectors and to profit and non-profit organizations.

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