A Wikipedian is a member of the online community that volunteers to create and maintain Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia. The term “Wikipedian” has been recognized in the Oxford Dictionary since August 2012. Wikipedians may consider themselves part of the Wikimedia movement, a global network of volunteer contributors to Wikipedia and other related projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. The motivations of Wikipedians vary, but common motives include fun, ideology, and values. The Wikipedia community is diverse, with contributors from various age groups, genders, and educational backgrounds. However, as of the data available up to 2011, the contributor base was predominantly male and in their mid-20s.

There’s also a role known as a “Wikipedian in residence” or “Wikimedian in residence.” This is a Wikipedia editor who accepts a placement with an institution, typically a cultural institution or institute of higher education, to facilitate Wikipedia entries related to that institution’s mission, encourage and assist it to release material under open licenses, and to develop the relationship between the host institution and the Wikimedia community. They often help to coordinate Wikipedia-related outreach events.