Washington Association Of Professional Anthropologists

The Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists (WAPA) is one of the oldest and largest regional organizations of professional anthropologists in the world today. Founded in 1976, WAPA serves as a professional and social resource, and a career development center for anthropologists seeking to apply their knowledge and skills to practical problems for the betterment of society

Mission Statement

WAPA’s mission is to promote and enhance the application of anthropological perspectives and skills to the problems of contemporary communities by:

  • providing practical and educational services to Washington area anthropologists through programs, workshops, conferences and collaborations in classrooms, etc.;
  • developing better communications between the anthropological community and the general public;
  • supporting the development of aspiring anthropologists; and
  • maintaining a network of anthropologists and others interested in the applied social sciences through the above activities and social occasions for professional networking, friendship and fun.