The Laws of the Knowledge Workplace: Changing Roles and the Meaning of Work in Knowledge-Intensive Environments

Author: Dariusz Jemielniak

Page count: 178 pages

ISBN: 9781472423887

Publisher: Routledge

Publication date: September 10, 2014

Description: “The Laws of the Knowledge Workplace” by Dariusz Jemielniak offers a comprehensive exploration of knowledge professions and the evolving nature of work in knowledge-intensive environments. Drawing on interdisciplinary research, this book delves into various facets of knowledge work, including professional identity, emotion, power dynamics, trust, indoctrination, and management behavior.

The book tackles crucial topics related to time management, work scheduling, and their impact on personal aspects such as play, family life, symbolic sacrifices, and employee burnout. It examines the complex identity shifts that occur between knowledge workers and managers, explores the effects of nepotism on turnover intentions among knowledge workers, and delves into the implementation of engineering projects. It also addresses coordination challenges in offshore production systems, leadership dynamics in virtual teams, and the role of decision support systems. Moral considerations regarding consequences, the application of netnography as a tool for studying knowledge work, and the emergence of innovative networks in the aviation industry are also explored.

“The Laws of the Knowledge Workplace” incorporates insights from management, organization studies, sociology, and anthropology, providing a truly international perspective. The book illuminates the significant transformations occurring in occupational roles and the meaning of work within knowledge-intensive environments. It offers valuable insights into effective management practices in knowledge-intensive companies, highlighting both positive and negative examples.

Note: The book is available in hardback and ebook formats, with the hardback priced at $160.00. It consists of 178 pages and was published by Routledge on September 10, 2014. The book addresses the profound shifts happening in the realm of knowledge work and offers a rich collection of research, making it an essential resource for understanding the dynamics and challenges of knowledge-intensive workplaces.