Mujtaba Hameed

Mujtaba Hameed is a Senior Research Consultant at Stripe Partners, specializing in research and strategy. He leads teams of researchers and designers in multi-country projects, assisting clients in understanding market dynamics and product development strategies. Mujtaba works with a wide range of technology-led businesses, from large corporations to startups.

Currently, Mujtaba oversees the Stripe Partners newsletter, Frames, applying social science academic frameworks to address business and technology challenges. In this role, he writes, commissions, and edits articles. He also explores anthropology and contemporary culture through his experimental writing.

Prior to his current position, Mujtaba served as a Project Lead at Canvas8. He has also worked as a Freelance Strategist and Researcher, gaining experience across various research and strategy domains. His previous roles include Strategist at Sylvain Labs, Inc., focusing on UX research, and Business Development and Client Engagement Manager at Bamboo Crowd, where he contributed creativity and strategic thinking to recruitment and team-building efforts.

Mujtaba holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Archaeology & Anthropology from the University of Oxford, and a Master of Science (MS) degree in Social Anthropology from UCL, specializing in UX research.