Matthew J. Hill

Matthew J. Hill, Ph.D., is a business anthropologist, academic, and executive consultant.  As President of Matthew J Hill Consulting since April 2019, he leads strategy, change, and leadership development initiatives in various sectors, including financial services, IT/engineering, healthcare, consumer markets, and government. His approach involves using social science research for strategy and visioning projects, understanding complex systems, and implementing change. Projects under his direction include digital strategy initiatives for financial institutions, CONOPS strategy for IT/aerospace firms, technology firm acquisitions, and executive team-building engagements aimed at improving collaboration and operational efficiency.

Matthew earned a Ph.D. in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Chicago, conducting research on World Heritage Cities, and has contributed to academic and professional publications, including CU Management and the Journal of Business Anthropology. Most recently, he co-edited National Parks, Native Sovereignty.