Louise Vang Jensen

Louise Vang Jensen is a partner and co-CEO at Is It a Bird, a strategic innovation agency in Copenhagen. She has a background in anthropology and has been working in the field for over 10 years. Louise is passionate about applying anthropology in business and helping organizations understand the value of a human-centered approach.

In her role as a consultant, Louise has a decade of experience in project leadership and team facilitation. She is skilled in building innovation capacity and facilitating organizational change. Her competencies include human-centered innovation, ethnographic research, co-creation, analysis, and project management. 

Louise’s career includes collaborations with organizations, including NIKE, VELUX, and Novo Nordisk, as well as public sector entities like the Municipality of Copenhagen and Metroselskabet. She has also worked with philanthropic foundations such as Villum Fonden and TrygFonden, as well as media houses like JP/Politikens Hus.