Liz Lewis

Liz Lewis is a dedicated tech anthropologist with a profound interest in the intersection of research and content creation. With a PhD in Anthropology, she provides a unique perspective and is a self-proclaimed cultural storyteller, driven by a fascination with people and the role of technology in various aspects of our lives.

With an academic background focused on the analysis and understanding of how people make meaning, Liz excels in scrutinizing the systems we use to comprehend our world. She is proficient in a range of qualitative research methods and quantitative survey design, with a special affection for conducting insightful interviews.

As an accomplished writer with over a decade of experience, Liz has contributed to various outlets, genres, and formats. Her publication portfolio includes feature articles, corporate blogs, product posts, white papers, reports, eBooks, interview pieces, scholarly writings, data storytelling, case studies, presentations, instructional guidelines, and podcasts. She takes great pleasure in not only creating captivating content but also in devising robust content strategies and editorial processes.

Currently, Liz holds the position of Corporate Content Lead at Miro, where she has been enhancing the company’s content strategy for the past nine months. Prior to joining Miro, she was a Senior Content Marketing Manager at In this role, she led editorial strategy, managed a team of content creators, and worked with cross-functional partners and agencies to produce first-rate thought leadership materials. Her responsibilities also included creating content for enterprise and general audiences, serving as the team’s research lead, and developing content based on research that gained recognition from national news outlets such as The New York Times, BBC, NPR, Forbes, Business Insider, and Fast Company.

For over nine years, Liz has also been working as a freelance writer, penning articles on a range of subjects related to science, culture, and health. Her narrative non-fiction has been published in outlets like Narratively and Sapiens, while her op-eds, drawing on her past research on disability, have found places in Nursing Clio and other respected publications.