Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson specializes in working with organizations and their leaders to help them understand and drive sustainable change. He has pioneered innovative, participatory approaches to research and implementation grounded in applied ethnography and anthropological thinking. Key to the success of these approaches is detailed analysis of the cultural patterns that shape the ways we think about and act in the world.

His approach is highly participatory and works to put people back into strategy. He works with clients to break down silos, to ensure all voices are heard (irrespective of seniority), and help people understand organizational challenges from standpoints other than their own. He creates secure environments for issues to be raised for collective resolution – putting problem-solving and consequent ownership for change into the hands of participants.

His work has spanned three continents (UK/Europe, Asia, and Australia/Pacific) with a diverse array of partners and clients including government agencies, the United Nations, art organizations, corporate entities, law enforcement agencies, think tanks, and NGOs.