Jay Hasbrouck

Jay Hasbrouck is an anthropologist with over 15 years of experience working in industry settings, including in-house roles and consulting. He currently works as a Senior Staff Researcher on the ads team at Google, where he identifies emerging needs and opportunity areas to solve for long-term value and market advantage.

Throughout his career, Jay has held various positions at leading technology companies. Prior to his current role at Google, he worked as a Pathfinder, exploring areas such as Gen AI, AR/VR, and the competitive landscape. At Meta, Jay held similar Pathfinder positions, identifying emerging needs and mapping growth opportunities in domains like creativity, authentic expression, social gaming, and community growth. His experience also includes roles as a partner at Ethnoworks, founder of Filament Insights & Innovation, senior human factors specialist at IDEO, and research scientist at Intel.

Jay is the author of the book Ethnographic Thinking: From Method to Mindset, now in its second edition. The book argues that the thought processes and patterns ethnographers develop through their practice, termed ‘ethnographic thinking,’ provide companies and organizations with the cultural insights necessary to develop informed strategies. It serves as a resource for anthropologists looking to make an impact in the business world, offering practical tips and real-world examples on how to enhance the strategic value of their work.

Jay earned his PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Southern California. His research and work focus on the intersection of anthropology, technology, and business, aiming to drive innovation and growth through an understanding of human behavior, culture, and needs.

Jay helps organizations navigate complexity and uncertainty in areas like AI, using ethnographic thinking to provide timely insights and employing storytelling techniques to communicate with stakeholders. His perspective and experience contribute to

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