Inga Treitler

Inga Treitler is a cultural anthropologist. For the last 30 years she has brought human and ecosystem perspective to organizations around the world and has taken a proactive role in several innovative solutions to enhance fairness and inclusivity in services and products. She works in market and consumer research, in environmental decision making, and in emergent technology design and adoption, across economic sectors.

In all her work there is a common question that she helps public and private sector organizations of all scopes and sizes address. When value or “capital” (intellectual, cultural, material) is hidden away by formal political cultures, dominant idea systems, or even advertising campaigns, how can that value become integrated into inclusive organizations and sustainable ecosystems, instead of discarded, wasted, abandoned? She is a strong believer in the premise of the “Sharing Economy” platforms and systems that have serendipitously marked a crossroads since the moment of the 2008 recession. She is fascinated by ways these systems both benefit from and create benefit for environment, technology, demographics and economics. In Berlin in 2014, Inga became part of a team of software engineers, entrepreneurs and asylum seekers fleeing Middle East conflict. Together they created It is a sharing platform and community that contributes to smoother more sustainable societal integration.

She is the founder of Anthropology Imagination LLC where she directs program development and research. Among other experiences, she has also held a position as research scientist in the Energy Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and a position as senior researcher at the strategic design firm.