EmTech Anthropology: Careers at the Frontier (1st Edition)

EmTech Anthropology: Careers at the Frontier (1st Edition) by Matt Artz and Lora KoychevaEmTech Anthropology: Careers at the Frontier emphasizes anthropology’s critical role at the frontier of emerging technologies (EmTech). The book delves into the possibilities and opportunities that arise from the convergence of anthropology and emerging technology, highlighting the potential benefits for both the discipline of anthropology and EmTech.

The book examines fundamental questions about the value of anthropological perspectives in technology development, ethical considerations, and how anthropologists can ensure that their work has a lasting impact. To accomplish this, the book highlights the work of early to mid-career anthropologists at the frontier of near-term and still-distant technologies and explores the stories of these innovative anthropologists who explore, abandon, and realize possibilities for the future. By showcasing the work of early to mid-career anthropologists, the book provides a roadmap for future anthropologists who wish to design careers in emerging technologies.

While the volume recognizes the importance of anthropological theory, it also presents an alternative perspective on how theory can be developed and advanced through tie-ins to multiple existing theoretical approaches, given the interdisciplinary nature of early adopter work that prioritizes practical impact and intervention.

EmTech Anthropology: Careers at the Frontier is an essential and valuable guide for anyone interested in exploring the frontiers of anthropology and emerging technologies, offering profound insights into the future potential of these roles and the anthropologists working in the field.

Authors: Matt Artz and Lora Koycheva
Publisher: Routledge
Published: August 6, 2024
ISBN: 9781032602998
Pages: 224

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