Suanna Selby Crowley

Dr. Suanna Crowley is an anthropologist and science communications expert who is passionate about creating messages that resonate with global audiences. Founder and Principal at HeadFort Consulting, LLC, Suanna advises universities, nonprofits, and tech startups – along with individual researchers, authors, and artists – on ways to connect with the public or to advance scientific and cultural understanding. Her work uses an anthropological lens to amplify discoveries and data, including a social media strategy that propelled the first-ever image of a Black Hole in front of 4.5 billion people in 2019. These strategies also contribute to her track record of raising more than $12 million dollars for research and facilitating international collaborations before Zoom was a household name. Suanna completed an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Archaeology at the College of William & Mary. She finished interdisciplinary Masters and PhD degrees in Anthropology and Geosciences at New York University, pursuing fieldwork in the US, Europe, Middle East, and South Asia. When she isn’t thinking about science communication, Suanna returns to her roots in geoarchaeology, working and speaking publicly under the nickname “Dr. Dirt.”