Catalyst Constellations

Catalyst Constellations is a change accelerator that leverages research driven insights and executive experience to catalyze innate changemakers to build future proof companies that thrive. The company was founded by Tracey Lovejoy and Shannon Lucas in 2017.


It’s mission is twofold:

For Catalysts

We use personal experience and research-driven tools to educate, coach, and connect Catalysts. Our work enables Catalysts to move more quickly and satisfyingly towards the impact they aspire to create (and with less burnout!)

For Organizations

We work with companies and corporations to connect executives with their wicked problem solvers. We help organizations identify Catalyst employees, nurture their exceptional skill set, and advise on internal change and transformation projects that accelerate change, increase success and retain high-potential employees.

Catalyst Empowerment Summits

Catalyst Constellations hosts two Catalyst Empowerment Summits yearly. The summits are designed by and for Catalysts, offering short talks with actionable insights. The events are free, and curate an amazing selection of thought leaders – each with their own domain expertise on different facets of our lives as Catalysts!

Best Selling Book

Tracey and Shannon are the authors the best-selling book: Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out. The Catalyst’s Guide to Working Well