Carmen Bueno Castellanos

Carmen Bueno Castellanos is an anthropologist specializing in Social Anthropology. She holds a Master’s degree from Syracuse University and a Doctorate from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. Carmen is recognized for her expertise in the field and is a member of prestigious organizations such as the National System of Researchers, Level II, and the Mexican Academy of Sciences.

Currently, Carmen is the Coordinator of the Master’s and Doctorate programs in Social Anthropology at the Universidad Iberoamericana, where she is also a research professor. Her dedication to teaching has earned her recognition, including the CIESAS 1994 Award for Institutional Teaching Incentive and the Honorable Mention of the Casa Chata 1997 Award.

Carmen’s research focuses on the intersection of local expressions of the global and innovation processes within global companies. She examines the complex relationship between cultural practices, organizational dynamics, and the impacts of globalization. Carmen has made significant contributions to the field through her publications, including the book “Productive Configurations in Globalization: Mexican Trajectories” (Mexico: UIA/CIESAS, 2016). Her articles have been featured in esteemed journals like Revista Sociología del Trabajo and Revista Desacatos. Additionally, she has contributed a chapter on “World-Systems Theory” to The International Encyclopedia of Anthropology edited by Callan Hilary.

Carmen Bueno Castellanos remains an influential figure in anthropology, actively conducting research, teaching future anthropologists, and sharing her expertise with the academic community. For more information about her work, please get in touch with her via email at