American Ethnologist

American Ethnologist is a peer-reviewed academic journal published quarterly by the American Anthropological Association on behalf of the American Ethnological Society. The journal focuses on social and cultural anthropology, presenting ethnographic research and theoretical insights that contribute to the understanding of contemporary human societies and cultures.

Established in 1974, American Ethnologist has become a flagship journal in the field of anthropology, known for its intellectual rigor, ethnographic specificity, and theoretical innovation. The journal publishes articles that span a wide range of anthropological subfields, including political and legal anthropology, economic anthropology, environmental anthropology, psychological anthropology, and the anthropology of religion, among others.

The journal’s scope is broad, encompassing research from around the world and engaging with diverse theoretical approaches and methodologies. American Ethnologist seeks to publish work that pushes the boundaries of the discipline, challenging established assumptions and offering new perspectives on social and cultural phenomena.

Articles published in American Ethnologist often combine rich ethnographic detail with critical analysis and theoretical insight. The journal encourages submissions that engage with contemporary social issues and debates, such as globalization, inequality, migration, identity, and power relations. It also welcomes work that explores the intersections of anthropology with other disciplines, such as history, sociology, political science, and environmental studies.