Boise State University’s Anthropology Department offers two fully online User Research Certificates: the UX-Pro UXR Certificate (UX-Pro) and the Graduate Certificate in User Research (GCUR). No physical visits to the Boise State campus are required, and we accept students from anywhere in the world. Instruction is in English. Both certificates are interdisciplinary and do not require prior study of anthropology

UX-Pro Certificate

The UX-Pro Certificate is designed for working professionals at any career stage who want to strengthen their UXR skills. Some participants hold doctoral degrees, but the majority have either already earned or are working on a B.A. or M.A. The curriculum consists of ten courses, representing 12 credit hours.  Courses run year-round in seven-week sessions. Enrollment plans are flexible, but most students complete their studies in two semesters, enrolling in three credits every seven weeks.

The focus of the UX-Pro courses is on developing hands-on experience applying a broad range of UX research methods. The UX-Pro curricula culminate with an individualized capstone project. We interpret UX broadly, and student projects are tailored to their interests and career path. Projects range from service design to app development. To enroll, admission to Boise State at the undergraduate level is required. In-state, resident fees are assessed regardless of where you live – the same fees apply to international and domestic students, Idaho residents and non-residents. For additional assistance, please contact us at

Graduate Certificate in User Research

Participants in the Graduate Certificate in User Research (GCUR) must first be admitted to the Boise State Graduate College. The GCUR consists of three seminars, totaling 9 credits. The seminars focus on ethnographic thinking, design thinking, and the relation of ethnography and design to computational thinking and digital technologies. Because most students are admitted to graduate programs culminating with an M.A. thesis or a doctoral dissertation, the GCUR does not include a capstone project. One seminar is offered each term. Completion requires a minimum of one year. For the GCUR, non-resident fees do apply. For additional assistance, please contact