As a proud volunteer and guest host of This Anthro Life, I have created this post to showcase the business, technology, and design anthropology episodes. I plan to update it periodically as new episodes go live that fit within the business, technology and design space.

About This Anthro Life Podcast

This Anthro Life is a round-table conversation offering a unique cross-cultural and time-spanning perspective on all things people, from objects and ideas to the countless possibilities encountered in everyday global life. It was founded in 2014 by two Brandeis University students, Adam Gamwell & Ryan Collins, and has since gone on to produce over 100 episodes. Check it out on iTunes

Why Business, Technology & Design Anthropology?

Why do I always focus on these concentrations of applied anthropology? Well, the answer is simple, it is the world I work in and thus why I studied those in the UNT Anthropology master’s program. Furthermore, I am of the belief that if social scientists don’t assert themselves in the business, technology, and design world, the innovations of the future may drastically harm and even alter what it means to be human.  With advances in big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and genomics we are starting to use technology in an amplifying way like never before. If we don’t design these products for good, we will almost certainly cause harm and increase inequalities.

This Anthro Life Podcast Episodes

Dr. Dori Tunstall believes the goal of design anthropology “is to create conditions of compassion among human beings and conditions of harmony as it relates to the natural world and all of the things that are within it.”

Dr. Natalie Hanson has been working and researching at the intersection of business strategy, technology, social sciences, and design for nearly fifteen years.

Dr. Alexandra Mack uses her business anthropology toolkit to lead innovative problem solving and strategy development based on a deep understanding of the surrounding culture and activities.

Tricia Wang applies ethnography to big data to produce thick data that can drive actionable insights.

Consulting Podcasting

At the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) 2018 annual meeting in Philadelphia, Adam Gamwell and I presented a paper on the topic of anthropology podcasting as part of the New Methods, Interventions And Approaches session.

Our paper title was Consulting Podcasters: Prototyping a Democratic Tool for Multiple Voices, Storytelling and Solution Finding

The session was recorded for the SfAA Podcasting project. You can listen to it here: