design anthropology videos

Design Anthropology Videos

Anthropology, Business, Technology

Design anthropology, with its foundation in ethnographic theory and research methods, is adept at solving modern complex problems by helping practitioners to understand their user’s needs and wants. It has been used in enterprise organizations and consultancies s like IDEO and frog design for decades. If you do know about it, learn more with these videos: […]

Enterprise User Experience (UX) Interview with Dr. Natalie Hanson

Enterprise User Experience (UX) Interview with Natalie Hanson PhD

Anthropology, Business, Matt Artz, Technology

On a recent episode of This Anthro Life, Adam Gamwell, and Matt Artz got to interview Dr. Natalie Hanson on the topic of applying design anthropology to enterprise user experience (UX). About Natalie Hanson Natalie has been working and researching at the intersection of business strategy, technology, social sciences, and design for nearly fifteen years.  She currently manages two corporate user experience […]

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