The Society for Applied Anthropology 2021 annual meeting, will be held March 23-27 in Norfolk, VA. The 2021 meeting theme is “Linking Social, Cultural and Physical Ecologies.”

Linking Social, Cultural and Physical Ecologies

Norfolk, Virginia, exemplifies how local communities and polities are linked to multiple social, cultural, and physical ecologies. Norfolk is therefore an ideal setting for anthropologists and other social scientists to engage in broad and multivalent analyses that integrate people, geography, and sociopolitical structures in domestic or international settings. What tools and methods can we offer to link these multiple spheres of action? Are local, global, and geographic factors implicated in economic precarity and health disparities? Has social science adequately addressed health issues relevant to military populations, including family stress, trauma, PTSD, and veterans’ health? If major social and economic nodes draw new populations into an area, how do they interact with groups that have been there for generations? How is immigration associated with community change? In what ways are different populations and economic interests treating the imminent threat of climate change? Are local cultures and languages being preserved in communities reshaped by global forces and trends? How do constructions and discourses of race and ethnicity play out in the interplay of social, cultural, and physical ecologies?

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About the Society for Applied Anthropology

SfAA was founded in 1941 to promote the investigation of the principles of human behavior and the application of these principles to contemporary issues and problems. The Society is unique among professional associations in membership and purpose – and in representing the interests of professionals in a wide range of settings including academia, business, law, public health, medicine, environment, and government. The unifying factor is a commitment to making an impact on the quality of life in the world.