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Hi, my name is Matt Artz and I am an applied anthropologist working at the intersection of product management and user experience (UX).
Using ethnography, I unlock hidden insights in businesses, organizations, data, products, and with users. For fun, I write and design visual art and music.


I’m an applied anthropologist who has spent over a decade working at the intersection of user experience and product management.

When not working, teaching or volunteering, you will likely find me studying. As a dedicated lifelong learner, I have earned an MS in applied anthropology, and MBA in Management Information Systems, a BS in Biotechnology, and a BBA in Computer Information Systems. I have also obtained certifications in Software Product Management from the University of Alberta, Project Management from University of California Irvine, ITIL Foundation Plus from Villanova University, and Lean Six Sigma (LLS) from Purdue University.

I am an avid reader, traveler, and lover of all things culture. I am continually seeking out new experiences across the world. Over the past nine years, I have had the fortunate opportunity to travel to some beautiful countries, meet some amazing people, and engage in cultural immersion experiences such as researching the vocalizations of Mantled Howlers in Nicaragua, working on a biodynamic and organic vineyard in Italy, and hiking the Inca Trail in Peru.

I am also a visual artist and musician and enjoy getting out into nature, practicing yoga, and meditating in my spare time.


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I apply the methods and theory of anthropology to product management and user experience. Using ethnography, I help companies unlocks hidden insights with users, data, and products through qualitative research.

I am currently serving as Director of User Experience (UX) Design for UM Technologies, VP of Business Development of Appek Apps, and an adjunct professor at Misericordia University.

At UM/Appek Apps, I have led research, design, and product management efforts to ship and scale products in the enterprise and consumer space. I have led research, design, and agile product management efforts to ship and scale web and mobile products in the enterprise and consumer space. I have experience working in energy, biotechnology, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, entertainment, fashion, broadcasting, and nonprofit. Customers or end-users of products I have worked on included Verizon, Dunkin Donuts, Bluecross Blueshield of Pennsylvania, Direct Energy, Taylor Consulting, Romeo + Juliet Couture,, Special Guest App, and more.

To give back to the anthropology, product and UX community, I also volunteer and guest host for the podcast, This Anthro Life where I discuss business and design anthropology; and write articles on user experience (UX), user research, and design leadership for UserZoom.


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Ethnography Proposal Example

Ethnography Proposal Example for Direct-to-Consumer Genetics (DTCG)

Anthropological Methods and Theories, Applied Anthropology, Business Anthropology, Design Anthropology, Direct-to-Consumer Genomics (DTCG), Matt Artz, Medical Anthropology, Technology Anthropology
As discussed in my last post, I recently completed my UNT applied anthropology thesis and plan to blog about that experience. I am hoping that up-and-coming students can find some of the content useful for their own journey. Furthermore,...


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