Anthropology in Business with Matt Artz
Anthropology in Business with Matt Artz
Nathalie Béchet on Anthropology in Business with Matt Artz

In this episode of the , Nathalie Béchet speaks with  about her career as a . Nathalie discusses her journey into anthropology and data science. She explains how her interest in understanding social norms and the construction of society led her to anthropology. However, she felt disconnected from the academic focus on traditional topics and wanted to explore contemporary issues. This led her to pursue a master’s degree in data science and digital sociology, where she learned about data collection, processing, and analysis. Nathalie emphasizes the importance of data visualization in understanding digital data and highlights the value of anthropology in questioning the obvious and uncovering biases. She also shares her insights on the metaverse and blockchain, challenging the negative perceptions and highlighting the opportunities they offer. Nathalie concludes by discussing her recent research on the intersection of technology and social mobility.

About Nathalie Béchet

Nathalie Béchet, a digital anthropology researcher at L’Atelier BNP Paribas in Paris, has crafted a distinguished career by intertwining cultural anthropology with data science. Since October 2019, her innovative approach has led to the development of hybrid research methods to study emerging technologies, their markets, and societal impacts. Her work encompasses areas such as the virtual economy, online radicalization, ethical algorithms, and the digital shift’s socio-cultural changes. Béchet has also engaged in cutting-edge research, including participating in the Digital Methods Initiative Data Sprint 2020 and leading a three-month ethnographic field study in Taipei on the use of office fengshui in Chinese entrepreneurial architecture. Her multifaceted contributions to understanding the relationship between technology and society solidify her position as a prominent figure in the field of digital anthropology.

Key Takeaways

  • Anthropologists are like anti-bias machines, questioning the obvious and uncovering biases.
  • Data visualization is essential in analyzing digital data and uncovering patterns and insights.
  • The metaverse and blockchain offer opportunities for creativity, social mobility, and the disruption of traditional industries.
  • Technology should be seen as a tool that can be harnessed for positive change rather than feared.


00:01:32 – Nathalie’s interest in anthropology and data science
00:08:23 – Nathalie’s experience with learning data science and coding
00:10:48 – The role of data visualization in digital anthropology
00:18:37 – The value of digital anthropology in organizations
00:20:00 – The importance of digital methods for all anthropologists
00:23:24 – Nathalie’s perspective on the metaverse and blockchain
00:27:50 – Nathalie’s article on NFTs and crypto art
00:31:41 – Other reports Nathalie has worked on

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