In this episode of the Anthropology in Business podcast, Max Matus speaks with Matt Artz about his career as a business anthropologist. The conversation covers Max’s journey from studying social anthropology to semiotics to sociology. It also touches on the state of business anthropology in Mexico, the founding of his consulting firm Semiosfera, and the work he does as a research fellow for the College of the Northern Borderland (Colef) in Tijuana.

About Max Matus

Max Matus is an anthropologist and sociologist and a research fellow at the College of the Northern Borderland (Colef) in Tijuana. Max has extensive experience in consulting for the public and the private sector. He earned his Ph.D. in Sociology at Wageningen University in Holland and an M.A in Semiotics at Tartu University in Estonia. Max Matus is the research director of Semiosfera consulting, an innovation consultancy firm established in Mexico City.

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