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Anthropology in Business with Matt Artz
Kate Sieck on Anthropology in Business with Matt Artz

In this episode of the Kate Sieck speaks with  about her career as a . Kate discusses her journey from academia to industry and the various roles she has held in marketing, business intelligence, and product development. She emphasizes the need for anthropologists to apply their skills in areas such as business strategy, risk analysis, and product design. Kate also highlights the importance of building bridges between academia and industry and the opportunities for anthropologists to make a positive impact in the private sector. 

About Kate Sieck

Kate Sieck is an anthropologist and senior manager at Toyota Research Institute‘s Harmonious Communities team. With extensive experience in integrating social theory into business, her career spans leadership roles in RAND Corporation, OLSON, and ReD Associates and faculty positions at Emory and Stanford universities. Known for her ability to combine qualitative and quantitative research with social theory, Kate excels at leveraging anthropological insights to enhance organizational services, products, and communications, benefiting employees, clients, partners, and communities. Her dedication to creating a positive impact drives her success in projects involving internal stakeholders and external clients, seeking to harness anthropological insights for improved outcomes and societal transformations.

Key Moments

00:00:00 – Introduction to the podcast and guest, Kate Sieck
00:01:36 – Kate’s interest in anthropology and how she got started
00:05:33 – Kate’s transition from academia to marketing
00:10:53 – Exploring different career paths for anthropologists
00:11:58 – The value of anthropology in business intelligence and strategy
00:13:00 – Kate’s role in business intelligence and risk analysis
00:20:00 – Kate’s current role at Toyota Research Institute
00:21:58 – Opportunities for anthropologists in tech and product development
00:25:00 – The need for anthropology to bridge the gap between academia and industry
00:30:00 – Kate’s involvement in EPIC’s equity program and upcoming conferences

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