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Matt Artz is a design anthropologist working at the intersection of product management, UX strategy, and design research. Using design ethnography, Matt unlocks hidden insights with users, data, and products.

Matt is currently serving as Director of User Experience (UX) Design for UM Technologies, VP of Business Development of Appek Apps, and an adjunct professor at Misericordia University.

At UM/Appek Apps, Matt has led research, design, and product management efforts to ship and scale products in the enterprise and consumer space. Customers or end-users of products Matt has led the process on included Verizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Special Guest App which was featured on Apple’s Planet of the Apps.

Matt is also a consultant offering product/UX services, workshops, and speakings engagements. He is available for hire on LinkedIn and through his website.

To give back to the anthropology, product and UX community, Matt is also a volunteer and guest host for the podcast, This Anthro Life where he discusses design anthropology; and a contributing editor for UserZoom where he writes articles on user experience (UX), user research, and design leadership.

When not working, teaching or volunteering, you will likely find Matt learning. A self-described lifelong learner, Matt has recently earned certifications in Software Product Management from the University of Alberta, Project Management from University of California Irvine, ITIL Foundation Plus from Villanova University, and Lean Six Sigma (LLS) from Purdue University.

Matt is also a matriculating student in an MS Applied Anthropology program at the University of North Texas (UNT). His thesis at the UNT is focused on designing for behavioral change and social equality in health. Taking a transdisciplinary approach which encompasses information technology, design, and anthropology, he is seeking to understand how a human-centered design approach may be applied to designing digital health products and services which are accessible and capable of driving behavioral health change for those most in need.

Matt is an avid reader, traveler, and lover of all things culture. He is continually seeking out new experiences across the world. Over the past nine years, he has traveled to 35 countries and has had the fortunate opportunity to engage in cultural immersion experiences, such as researching the vocalizations of Mantled Howlers in Nicaragua, working on a biodynamic and organic vineyard in Italy, and hiking the Inca Trail in Peru.

Matt is also a champion of the arts and nature and is an amateur photographer and musician who enjoys exercising and meditating in his spare time.



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