As originally posted on the Business Anthropology website, there will be a second Global Business Anthropology Summit.

The 2019 Global Business Anthropology Summit will be held in New York City at Fordham University, May 29-30, 2019.

The 2019 Global Business Anthropology Summit will bring together an international group of practitioners, scholars and industry experts to reflect upon future directions for the field, training priorities for the next generation, and ways to strengthen our global networks – all of which will enhance the value of anthropology applied to businesses.

Global Business Anthropology Summit Mission

The Global Business Anthropology Summit aims to:

  1. Advance thinking on the value of anthropological perspectives in business;
  2. Generate ways to spread appreciation of our work to academics, students, industry leaders, and the general public;
  3. Build community among scholars and practitioners.

What is Business Anthropology?

If you want to learn more about business anthropology, check out this post on Dr. Alexandra Mack who uses her business anthropology toolkit to lead innovative problem solving and strategy development based on a deep understanding of the surrounding culture and activities.

Also check this post on Dr. Natalie Hanson to learn how she has been working and researching at the intersection of business strategy, technology, social sciences, and design for nearly fifteen years.

If you wish to formally study business anthropology, there are some business anthropology master’s degrees offered in the United States.