The Global Business Anthropology Summit 2021 is now in its third edition (the first two in the USA), the first fully online event realized in collaboration with the prestigious Freie Universitat Berlin. A popular event, networking and exchange of projects and best practices from around the world addressed and with the presence of managers, academics, students, professionals.

About Business Anthropology

A branch of anthropology (social science that studies man and his cultures) in which anthropological research methods are applied, such as the ethnographic method of “participatory observation”, to identify and solve business problems, from the most complex and strategic to the most everyday. These projects are developed today especially in the United States, where the practice was born, and in Northern Europe. In the practical field they are applied in UX, marketing, advertising and communication in general (USA), in the design of products/services and in the service design of public policies (Northern Europe), in innovation in general (from fintech to innovative business models), in business organization and change management, in production processes in terms of sustainability and circular economy.

About The Summit

The program includes six sessions, anticipated by two exceptional keynote speakers:

  • Joanna Breidenbach, anthropologist, writer, TED speaker and founder of one of the
    largest European crowdfunding companies on sustainability projects, and Das Dach (innovative co-working
  • Carlo Colpo, global manager of brand communication of Lavazza, with previous experience in marketing
    and communication in the automotive world (Jeep brand).

Two different interlocutors of business (start up and traditional business) and education (anthropology and business) who will dialogue with Claus- Bernhard Pakleppa, high management consultant (among others for the German government) and founder of the consulting company P4D (Partnership for Development).

The main theme of the summit will focus on the future. Are we really ready for 2030? And what about 2080? To answer these questions the six sessions of the summit (formed through a co-creation process that took place remotely during the pandemic) will focus on different topics such as innovation, business sustainability also in relation to taxation, acceptance of change and organizational behavior, perception and marketing of anthropology in the future.

In addition, special sections such as the Black Lives Initiative will be dedicated to racial diversity and inclusion, while networking will be promoted and organized with the support of the professional associations of anthropologists in Europe (EASA – European Applied Anthropology Association) and America (AAA – American Anthropology Association).

Who Organizes It?

Team Berlin is the core of the organizers of the Summit 2021, established on a voluntary basis and composed of senior members (anthropologists, managers, consultants from Italy, Germany, USA) and student interns (Germany, USA, Italy, South Africa, HK). The Team is responsible for program structure and review, planning, event management and communication.


To attend and register for the summit, click here.

Media Contacts

Inga Treitler – (+1 865 964.5354) USA

Christine Avenarius – (+ 49 152 5906 8889) GER

Alberto Guglielmone – (+39 3484508150) ITA