EPIC2022: Resilience Podcast
EPIC2022: Resilience
Ethnographic Value and Impact

In this episode of the  podcast mini-series, Therese Thorstholm, and Dana Gierdowski speak with  about ethnographic value and impact.

About the EPIC2022 Conference

EPIC2022 is the premier international conference on ethnography in business. The EPIC2022 theme is resilience—the ability to learn, adapt and evolve with adversity and changing conditions. Current health, climate, and social transformations foreground questions of who should flex, resist, or adapt; and what should be restored, abandoned, or reinvented. Resilience invites us to examine and enhance the ways organizations, products, services, communities, and our own work can be designed to learn, adapt and evolve. Join us in Amsterdam to employ, critique, and extend ideas and practices of resilience.

About EPIC

EPIC people bring conceptual leadership and practical skills to the problems and opportunities faced by organizations, markets, and society. Working in diverse disciplines and roles, we are unified by an ethnographic approach to innovation that is anchored in deep understandings of culture and human behavior.

EPIC is a nonprofit organization driven by members and volunteers. Our community comes together at our annual conference, now in its 18th year, and year-round on epicpeople.org. We invite you to join EPIC and explore resources like our library, job board, video, and year-round events.

About Matt Artz

Matt Artz is an anthropologist, consultant, author, speaker, and creator. He writes, speaks, and consults in user experience, product management, and business strategy. He creates products, podcasts, music, and visual art. His podcasts include Anthropology in Business and Anthro to UX.