Design anthropology, with its foundation in ethnographic theory and research methods, is adept at solving modern complex problems by helping practitioners to understand their user’s needs and wants. It has been used in enterprise organizations and consultancies s like IDEO and frog design for decades. If you do know about it, learn more with these videos:

Jan Chipchase: Design anthropology

Jan Chipchase, head of research for frog Design, talks about the process behind his company’s acclaimed work. Chipchase and his team spend weeks on the ground, living with participants and observing the activities and rules of their daily lives. The result is a process of drilling down to the essence of an experience before even beginning to design it.

Amy Santee Webinar: Practicing Anthropology in User Experience, Design and Business.

While not specifically design anthropology, this video is helpful for its relationship to the practice of design anthro.

Amy is a design and user experience researcher based in Portland, Oregon who started


To find out more about the benefits of bringing anthropology and design together to solve the toughest problems in business, check these links out on design anthropologyusing contextual inquiry for design research and getting user experience (UX) adopted by leadership in a corporate environment.