SfAA 2019: Pursuing Ethnic Understanding and Reconciliation

A paper I co-authored with Dr. Carolina Severiche has been accepted to the SfAA 2019 Conference in Portland, Oregon. The session we are part of is titled Pursuing Ethnic Understanding and Reconciliation. SfAA 2019 Session Participants CHAIR: BOTICA, Jennifer (Kleanza Consulting Ltd) ROKHIDEH, Maryam (U Notre Dame) Creating Certainty out of Uncertainty through Cross-Border Trade on the Congo-Rwanda Border BOTICA, [...]

DNA and Health Testing

In my last post about my UNT applied anthropology thesis, for which I conducted an ethnography of direct-to-consumer genomics (DTCG), I discussed genealogical DNA tests. This post we will be discussing DNA and health testing. The Start of DNA Health Testing Riding the wave of decreasing costs and building on the success of DTCG consumer [...]

What Are Genealogical DNA Tests?

Once I decided to conduct an ethnography of direct-to-consumer genetics (DTCG), I began researching the topic, including a formal definition.  As I learned, DTCG tests are marketed directly to consumers via television, print advertisements, or the Internet, and sold to them directly for use at home, typically without the involvement of a medical professional or an [...]

Why an Ethnography of Direct-to-Consumer Genetics (DTCG)?

Building on my previous posts, today I will be discussing why I felt I needed to conduct an ethnography of direct-to-consumer genetics (DTCG) for my UNT anthropology thesis. I will start by explaining what is direct-to-consumer genetics from a historical perspective, call attention to the distinction between genealogy and health testing, and discuss the potential of [...]

Example Questions to Ask in an Ethnographic Interview

Continuing on in my quest to share my UNT applied anthropology thesis experience, today I will be discussing questions to ask in an ethnographic interview.  While there is certainly no exact template, I will share what I used for my semi-structured interviews. But first, let me explain a bit more about the process of developing and refining [...]

Ethnography Proposal Example for Direct-to-Consumer Genetics (DTCG)

As discussed in my last post, I recently completed my UNT applied anthropology thesis and plan to blog about that experience. I am hoping that up-and-coming students can find some of the content useful for their own journey. Furthermore, I think it is important that we are discussing the opportunities and threats of Direct-to-Consumer Genetics [...]

Sequencing.com: My Ethnography Thesis Client

After selecting a topic for my ethnography project, and reaching out to potential clients, I eventually narrowed the potential opportunities down to my final selection, Sequencing.com. Of course, this process was a bit of a give and take as not all potential clients work out. That said, I couldn’t have been happier when I landed [...]

Ancestry DNA Raw Data Analysis

Are you asking yourself, how you can conduct an Ancestry DNA raw data analysis after you get your test results back? If so, learn how to analyze it with apps and websites to learn more about your DNA. About Ancestry DNA AncestryDNA is a new DNA testing service that utilizes some of the latest autosomal [...]

What Can I Do with my 23andMe Raw Data?

Are you asking yourself, what can I do with my 23andMe raw data? If so, learn how to analyze it with apps and websites to learn more about your DNA. About 23andMe 23andMe is a privately held personal genomics and biotechnology company based in Mountain View, California. 23andMe’s mission is to help people access, understand [...]