Ethnography Proposal Example

Ethnography Proposal Example for Direct-to-Consumer Genetics (DTCG)

Anthropological Methods and Theories, Applied Anthropology, Business Anthropology, Design Anthropology, Direct-to-Consumer Genomics (DTCG), Matt Artz, Medical Anthropology, Technology Anthropology
As discussed in my last post, I recently completed my UNT applied anthropology thesis and plan to blog about that experience. I am hoping that up-and-coming students can find some of the content useful for their own journey. Furthermore,...
Anthropology Association

Anthropology Associations for Design Anthropologists

Applied Anthropology, Business Anthropology, Design Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Technology Anthropology
For new practitioners of design anthropology, networking and mentorship is key to developing as a design anthropologist looking to apply ethnographic methods to solve design and business challenges. If you fit into that bucket, considering joining the following anthropology associations, and going to the...
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