Carmen Bueno Castellanos on Anthropology in Business with Matt Artz

  • Carmen Bueno Castellanos on Anthropology in Business
Anthropology in Business with Matt Artz
Anthropology in Business with Matt Artz
Carmen Bueno Castellanos on Anthropology in Business with Matt Artz

In this episode of the , Carmen Bueno Castellanos speaks with  about her career as a . The conversation delves into Carmen’s journey, starting with the historical context of anthropology in Mexico and its Marxist influences. She discusses the challenges business anthropologists face in a country where Marxist theory dominates the field and explores the importance of analyzing business practices in Mexico, particularly in the context of globalization since the NAFTA agreement. Carmen also shares her research on the impact of innovation and technology, highlighting the need for inclusive and sustainable approaches and transformative innovation. The conversation then shifts to a recap of the 4th Global Business Anthropology Summit, which was held June 1 – 3, 2023, in Mexico City at the Universidad Iberoamericana. Carmen elaborates on why they selected the theme of Making Conscious Futures and the importance of awareness, connections, and uncertainty in shaping a better future. She also emphasizes the value of transdisciplinarity, collaboration, and having a clear purpose in contributing to a positive impact and offers some advice for future GBAS organizing teams.

About Carmen Bueno Castellanos

Carmen Bueno Castellanos is an anthropologist specializing in Social Anthropology. Holding degrees from Syracuse University and the Universidad Iberoamericana, she is recognized for her expertise and is a member of prestigious organizations such as the National System of Researchers and the Mexican Academy of Sciences. Currently serving as the Coordinator of the Master’s and Doctorate programs in Social Anthropology at the Universidad Iberoamericana and a research professor, Carmen’s research delves into the relationship between local expressions of the global and innovation processes in global companies. Her influential publications, including the book “Productive Configurations in Globalization: Mexican Trajectories,” have been featured in renowned journals. Carmen’s dedication to research and teaching highlights her significant contributions to the field of anthropology.

Key Moments

00:00:00 – Introduction to the podcast and guest Carmen Bueno Castanos
00:01:47 – Carmen’s background and introduction to business anthropology in Mexico
00:03:00 – Importance of analyzing and understanding business in Mexico during the nineties
00:04:00 – Impact of the NAFTA agreement on Mexico’s globalization process
00:06:00 – Carmen’s focus on innovation and anthropology of organizations
00:07:00 – Overview of the Global Business Anthropology Summit
00:08:00 – Theme of the summit: Making Conscious Futures
00:09:00 – Importance of business anthropology in Mexico and its role in shaping the future
00:11:00 – Challenges and opportunities in sustainable and inclusive innovation
00:12:20 – Anthropology in Mexico, its history, and its role in shaping the future
00:17:00 – The fourth Global Business Anthropology Summit and the theme of making conscious futures
00:19:01 – Inspiration for the summit: awareness, connections, and uncertainty
00:20:04 – Importance of having a vision for the future and making connections with diverse communities
00:23:00 – Importance of engaging with ecosystems and learning from different cultures
00:25:17 – The summit’s focus on inspiring new generations to change the economic system
00:25:52 – The importance of having a clear purpose and embracing transdisciplinarity
00:29:14 – Future collaborations and the possibility of Asia hosting the next summit
00:30:03 – Contact information for Carmen Bueno Castanos
00:30:35 Outro and information about the Anthropology and Business Podcast

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