Recently, an applied anthropology group launched the business anthropology website and community. The website was started by Robert J Morais, Timothy de Waal Malefyt, Elizabeth Briody, and Allen Batteau and is managed by Matt Artz.

What is Business Anthropology?

Business Anthropology is one of the latest ways that anthropology has asserted itself on the global stage. Business anthropologists contribute to economic development worldwide, provide direction for better run organizations, and help companies improve their understanding of consumers, leading to product innovations and brand communications that are responsive to bona fide consumer needs and wants. Business anthropologists typically work with or within public, private, and non-profit organizations.

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About the Business Anthropology Website & Community


  • The Business Anthropology website is a venue for sharing knowledge and resources, making connections, and advancing careers and education in business anthropology.
  • While this site champions business anthropology, it is not a site to conduct personal business. Mine, share, connect, and contribute, but please do not solicit business.


  • Enlarge the discussion on the value of business anthropology intellectually and practically to current and aspiring practitioners, scholars, and employers
  • Share business anthropology scholarship and ideas for educating business anthropologists
  • Enable professional networking and expand career opportunities
  • Post news about Business Anthropology events and developments
  • Provide a central virtual location for all matters in Business Anthropology

Business Anthropology Website Resources

The website offers business anthropology resources including:

  • Journals, videos, & books
  • Workshops & presentations
  • Courses & Academics
  • Teaching
  • Blogs, Listservs, & Slack
  • Careers & Jobs
  • Other Links

For more information, check out the business anthropology website and community.