Ever wondered how to pick a proper brand name or how to choose the right brand associations to your own one? Ever struggled to find a good way to build semantic topical authority for your venture through clustering associations about the brand?

Learn how to position your brand and communicate your product benefits through advanced entity analytics – using AI approaches to extract the most relevant entities for your business with or without previous data but also utilize the power of human-based approaches in order to get the full picture for your particular case.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Introduction to brand awareness and topical authority
  • Collecting qualitative and quantitative data when performing brand analysis
  • The entity analytics way – demo of the Wordlift Google Sheets addon for a startup or an established company (brand)
  • The human way – aka what the machines and tools cannot see
  • Conclusions – how to combine the best from the human and the machine world



Kalicube Tuesdays is brought to by Jason Barnard of Kalicube in partnership with Wordlift.