Finding the best anthropology blogs is like finding the right journal articles – you can search all day in the wrong place, or you can use technology to enable finding the best.  In the past, I had searched around and bookmarked many, however, I found I only repeatedly visited a few.  Below is the list of anthropology blogs I frequently turn to.

My Favorite Anthropology Blogs


SAPIENS is a digital magazine about the human world. It’s about how we communicate with each other, why we behave kindly and badly, where and when we evolved in the past, and how we live and continue to evolve today. It’s about the relationship between our laws and ethics, the cities we build, and the environment we depend on. It’s about why sex, sports, and violence consume and intrigue us, what life was like in centuries past, where we might be headed in centuries to come, and much more.

SAPIENS aims to transform how the public understands anthropology. Every piece of content is grounded in anthropological research, theories, or thinking. We present stories and perspectives that are authoritative, accessible, and relevant—but still lively and entertaining.

To learn more about SAPIENS, click here.

2. Savage Minds / anthro{dendum}

Anthro{dendum} is a group blog devoted to ‘doing anthropology in public’ — providing well-written relevant discussion of sociocultural anthropology that everyone will find accessible. Our authors range from graduate students to tenured professors to anthropologists working outside the academy.

Anthro{dendum} began as the blog “Savage Minds” in 2005. In 2006 Nature ranked Savage Minds 17th out of the 50 top science blogs across all scientific disciplines. In 2010, American Anthropologist called Savage Minds “the central online site of the North American anthropological community” whose “value is found in the quality of the posts by the site’s central contributors, a cadre of bright, engaged, young anthropology professors.”

The new site, anthro{dendum}, launched on November 28th, 2017.

To learn more about anthro{dendum}, click here.

3 Antropología 2.0

The Antropología 2.0 blog aims to be a reference space for the practical, ethical and methodological development of Business Anthropology worldwide. Our aim is to make corporate anthropology a fundamental part of people-centred innovation.

To learn more about Antropología 2.0

4. Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference (EPIC) Perspectives

EPIC Perspectives publishes leading global expertise about ethnography in business & organizations. Weekly articles show how integrating theory and practice to understand human societies and cultures creates transformative value for people, businesses and the planet.

To learn more about EPIC Perspectives, click here.

5. CultureBy – Grant McCracken

CultureBy – Grant McCracken is the official blog of anthropologist Grant McCracken. Grant was trained as an anthropologist (Ph.D. University of Chicago) and has studied American culture for 25 years.

He has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and worked for many organizations including Timberland, New York Historical Society, Diageo, IKEA, Sesame Street, Nike, the Ford Foundation and the White House.

He is a long time student of culture and commerce. Many academics prefer to look askance at interactions of culture and commerce.  He has explored this theme in two books: Culture and Consumption I, and Culture and Consumption II.

His latest book is called Culturematic, published by the Harvard Business Review Press in 2012.

To learn more about Grant McCracken, click here.

Additional Anthropology Blogs

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Best Anthropology Podcasts

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