Matt Artz has founded Azimuth Labs, an ethnographic research company where he is the principal researcher leading a team of experienced anthropologists, strategist, and technologists to help organizations unlock hidden insights with users, employees, data, markets, and products.

About Azimuth Labs

Azimuth Labs is an ethnographic research company offering product development, organizational culture, and corporate strategy consulting. The offerings help clients do the following:

  • Product Development – Innovate new products or optimize existing ones by using ethnographic research to inform a product management and user experience (UX) practice.
  • Organizational Culture – Define and execute change management strategies by using ethnographic research to deeply understand their work practice culture before changing it.
  • Corporate Strategy – Understand the competitive landscape and plan their business strategy by using ethnographic research to make sense of consumers and markets.

The Azimuth Labs Process

Azimuth Labs ethnographically researches the human experience and through the application of social theory, discovers insights that enable product development, organizational culture, and corporate strategy. The six-step process includes:

  • Listen With Empathy – We listen to your business goals and problems with intent and empathy, as we seek to understand the business needs from your perspective.
  • Reframe The Problem – We reframe your business problem from the perspective of the people who interact with your products or work in your organization.
  • Conduct The Research – We openly explore the problem space using ethnographic research methods to produce a thick description of the people behind your problem.
  • Discover The Themes – We peel back the layers in the data to discover the root causes that produce observable behaviors, patterns, and beliefs of the people.
  • Surface The Insights – We use the themes to produce insights that help your business understand previously unknown unknowns or poorly understood concepts.
  • Design For Change – We translate the insights into actionable tactics that you can use to create impact and enable your product, culture, or corporate strategy.

The Azimuth Labs Team

We are a team of anthropologists, strategists, and technologists that include:

  • Matt Artz, MS, MBA – Is an applied anthropologist with over a decade of experience working in user experience (UX), product development and business strategy. He has led research, design, and agile product management efforts to ship and scale web and mobile products in the enterprise and consumer space for international Fortune 500 companies as well as venture-funded startups.
  • Adam Gamwell, PHD – Is a cultural anthropologist with international experience in ethnographic and contextual research, narrative media production, cultural analysis, social strategy, and education. He is also the founder, creative director, and executive producer of the This Anthro Life podcast which explores what it means to be human.
  • Daniel Sputa, MS – Is a quantitative researcher, business analyst, and product manager with deep experience gathering requirements, creating product roadmaps, agile sprint planning, backlog creation and grooming, and analytics. He is certified in Agile Coaching (CAL I), Agile Product Management (APM), Project Management (PM), and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB).