I have launched an anthropology consultant microsite to focus specifically on the services I provide as an applied anthropologist. Currently, the site has only a description of my work, services, and contact information. However, over time I will add more content for people who are specifically interested in learning more about my work as an anthropology consultant as the founder and principal researcher at Azimuth Labs. As part of that, I intend to add some portfolio projects so you can learn more about how we apply anthropological thinking to solve problems. So stay tuned, but until then, here is a teaser about how why you should hire an anthropology consultant to help your business.

The Value of Hiring an Anthropology Consultant

The value-add of drawing insights from anthropological thinking is found in its ability to help uncover unknown unknowns that exist and explain the “why.” But to accomplish this, we need to get out of the office and understand who our consumers truly are, and why they think and behave the way they do. We can not solely rely on the current trend of big data, as I recently discussed a presentation titled Why Analytics Needs Ethnography. Instead, we need to deeply understand our consumers in context, which requires qualitative research to help go beyond answering the questions we already know exist.

That is why anthropology consultants are uniquely suited for the job. They are trained to go out into the wild without preconceived notions, conduct observations and interviews, and learn from the people that know best – your consumers. Through this process, anthropologists can explain the context behind trends in quantitative data and uncover new patterns of behavior or needs that were never known before.

If you think your business could benefit from hiring an applied anthropologist, send me a message on my anthropology consultant microsite or at Azimuth Labs