Join Jo Anne SchneiderJeanne WardNiel TashimaCathleen CrainSuanna Selby Crowley, and Matt Artz for an upcoming talk on Anthropology as Business. The event is being organized by the Washington Association Of Professional Anthropologists.

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About the Talk

Anthropologists form businesses to provide a wide range of services from contract archeology and cultural resources management (CRM) to cultural/social science and health consulting, coaching and training for large companies, and myriad other services. This panel will focus on anthropology as a business, with business owners talking about the motivation for forming their businesses, their experiences running a business, advice for others interested in starting a business, and what it means to be an anthropologist with their own business.

Featured Speakers

– Jo Anne Schneider, PhD, Principal Chrysalis Collaborations (Moderator)
– Jeanne Ward, MA, RPA, President and Principal Archaeologist,  Applied Archaeology and History Associates, Inc.
– Niel Tashima, PhD, Managing Partners, LTG Associates, Inc.
– Cathleen Crain, MA, Managing Partner, LTG Associates, Inc.
– Matt Artz, MS, MBA, Head of Product at Artmatcher, Founder of Anthro to UX and Azimuth Labs
– Suanna Selby Crowley, PhD, President & Principal Investigator, HeadFort Consulting, LLC