The American Anthropological Association 2020 annual meeting will be held in St. Louis, Missouri from Nov 18-22. The theme this year is “Truth and Responsibility.”

Truth and Responsibility

The AAA website states that “Truth and Responsibility is a call to reimagine anthropology to meet the demands of the present moment. The imperative to bear witness, take action, and be held accountable to the truths we write and circulate invites us to reflect on our responsibility in reckoning with disciplinary histories, harms, and possibilities. To whom are we giving evidence and toward what ends? For whom are we writing? To whom are we accountable, and in what ways?”

Call for Papers

While the deadline for Executive Session proposals as passed, it is not too late to submit abstracts for the general call for papers.

The call for papers involves a peer review process based on the following criteria:

  • Determines the relevance of all submitted proposals (whether individual or group submissions)
  • Designates invited and cosponsored sessions from group submissions
  • Builds sessions from individually volunteered papers
  • Evaluates those newly-created sessions.

Key Dates

  • February 5: Executive Session Proposal Submission Deadline
  • April 8: General Call for Papers Abstract Submission Proposal Deadline
  • May 13: Special Event Proposal Submission Deadline
  • September 9: Late-Breaking Session Proposal Submission Deadline

A Great Opportunity for Business & Design Anthropologists

The theme this year offers a great opportunity for all, but especially business and design anthropologists are who are increasingly dealing with issues of agency and ethics because of technologies like artificial intelligence/machine learning, big data, robotics/automation, and genomics. If you are an anthropologist working in any of these fields, please apply and contribute to the conversation!

Learn More

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