Matt Artz, Design Anthropologist

About Matt Artz

Matt Artz is a design anthropologist, consultant, and speaker who advocates for responsible products, services, and experiences. He’s also a creator and artist with his podcasts, music, photography, and visual art.

As the Head of Product & Experience at Cloudshadow Consulting and the Founder and Principal Researcher at Azimuth Labs, Matt has led the research, design, and agile product management efforts to ship and scale web and mobile products in the enterprise and consumer space. He has worked on projects in the arts, energy, biotechnology, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, entertainment, fashion, broadcasting, and nonprofit.

In his role as the Founder and Career Coach at Anthro to UX and Adjunct Professor at Marywood University, Matt has educated the next generation of human-centered product and business leaders.

Matt is also the creator and host of the Anthropology in Business and Anthro to UX podcasts, and has given a TEDx Talk titled Are DNA Tests Safe?.

When not working he enjoys creating music and visual art, practicing meditation, and hiking.

You can follow him on LinkedInTwitterInstagram, Spotify, and Google Scholar. 

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